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Read this please

Post  Beermaster on Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:50 pm

If u have suggestions please post them here. I would like feedback on guild ranks, names of ranks, and influence spending.

We can customize rank names and add new ranks if desired.

For now I plan to keep spending influence limited to officers, but everyone should be able to use researched upgrades. For example, an officer starts research on a banner costs 50 influence takes 4 hrs. Once it is ready anyone should be able to deploy the banner wherever they like. I would like to keep the find magic guild wide bonus up permanently, and as we can other guild wide bonuses and unlock the rest of the research trees as influence builds up.

Want to be an officer? Just say so.

You don't need to be an Officer to send guild invites. Please feel free to recruit people. the guild cap is 50 people to start and once we reach it I will increase it to 100. I cant increase without the cap being reached or at least close to it (I already tried). Max after all upgrades i believe is 500 people.

Also please help invite people and represent guild with each of your characters so we get influence faster. Not representing you earn no influence.

The following earns influence.

Event or story complete 2
Pvp win 5
Dungeon 10
Random attendance check 10
Event or story w a guildmate 20

Working together gets it fastest. Smile


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